Project Ideas

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Using the titles from the Resources tab on our website, consider one of these (or another – please feel free to design your own!) project ideas:

  • Chose a title (movie, book, short story, poem or group thereof, etc.), write a five-to-seven-page paper with a Summary, Thematic Analysis, Critical Reception, Accuracy.
  • Make a short documentary film about Budapest in US movies and/or literature.
  • Interview an author, blogger, filmmaker, poet, etc. about their work in Budapest.
  • Considering a range of several different works (film, novels, etc.), and discuss how weather, Hungarian Language, Food, Clothing, and Symbols are used as thematic devices across the disciplines. What do these evoke? How do the same metaphoric concepts exist (or differ) across genres?
  • Choose a single image commonly used to represent Budapest (Hungarian Language, Chain Bridge, the Danube etc.). How does this image appear in different genres? What is the thematic emotion that is linked to it?
  • View a series of US travel documentaries that concern Budapest. What are the common emphases? How do they differ? How is the city “packaged” for the audience? What are the motivations of the filmmakers and how does this influence their work?

What ideas interest you? Would you prefer working individually or in a group? If not one of these, what type of project would you like to pursue? Which title or titles, genre or discipline would be like to study? 

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7 thoughts on “Project Ideas

  1. I think I will opt for the interview thing with an artist, although I will have to ask around and make some preliminary research to know if someone were up to it. For 1–1,5 years now, I have been very much interested in the Hungarian theater scene, attending plays regularly, and even penning a few critical pieces. Maybe doing an interview with one of the directors would be a good idea, provided that I could find a thematically suitable piece (specifically Hungary and Budapest; or, more generally, cultural space and identity, if that is okay with you) for the class. If not, maybe a poet whose work was born out of and influenced by Hungary’s, say, “natural,” architectural, or urban spaces. Or, if I will not be able to find or think of anybody, maybe I will just expend my reflection on the Bollobás text, writing a bit more about subjectivity and discursive positionality. That would not be that demanding because, as mentioned, I really have to concentrate my energy and time on my thesis. Something will work out, I hope.


  2. I find it really interesting and funny how Hungary keeps popping up in Michael Schur’s comedy series, specifically Brooklyn 99 and The Good Place. I would love to write a short paper on it although I am sure that these moments and one episode would not be enough material, so I am thinking about comparing the motifs (Hungarian cuisine, language, Budapest and the National Gallery) that pop up in these American comedy series to a Hungarian comedy series, Korhatáros szerelem (“Love with Age Restriction”, about a woman with three children, separated from her husband for years, falling in love with a young man in his twenties) set at Budapest, but has some moments set in the US (Miami, if I remember correctly). Representation of the cuisine, language differences and possibly the cityscape would be my interest, I think my findings would be largely in line with the semoitics text we needed to read for the second class.


  3. Abstract:
    I will write a research paper.
    In this paper the weather and its relationship with physiology, sociology, psychology, and intellectually. Regarding physiology, the production of hormones in the human body will be discussed, regarding sociology the social lifestyle will be discussed based on the weather, regarding psychology and the intellectual health the mood in each season of humans will be discussed. This paper will focus on the European continent especially in winter. Because the European continent seems to be dark and the European people are usually described by being cold-hearted and people of an irritated mode.


  4. So far I would prefer to work on project number 1. I will discuss how Budapest, along with its food, weather and language are represented in a 25 page short story about an American who moves to Budapest. The short story itself is provided in a sort of travel agent ( I actually found out that “Budapest Local” also provides some videos and articles about Budapest in their website. Only if I figure out that the representation of Budapest is not enough in this short story, I might compare how these different means of promotion capture the image of Budapest. In that case, I would possibly combine several types of project you offered above.


  5. My idea was to write a paper about how the immigrant experience differ for those who migrated from a different Hungarian city to Budapest, and for those who migrated from a foreign country. In my opinion, both experiences belong to one branch, however, there are obvious differences between the two.
    My aim would be to find these differences, to reveal in what areas these differences occur the most, and to find some alternatives for these differences.
    The method I would use would be the following. I would ask people—that I know are from cities other than Budapest and its suburban areas—to do a survey I will prepare for them. I would ask people from Hungary as well as people from foreign countries, the only criteria would be to survey those, who spent some time in Budapest already. I would also make a few reports with at least one person from another country and one, who is Hungarian but is not from Budapest.
    After that, I would analyze the data I collected, and hopefully find some interesting information from which I can draw my results at the end of my paper.


  6. I think it would be very interesting for me to make a research about Instagram bloggers and show what they are telling us about Budapest. I would like to compare accounts of bloggers who actually live in Budapest for a long time with bloggers who just accidentally visited the city, and describe the differences.
    Also, I have some posts of my own and I could include some of my notes as my personal view on the city and the culture, how I felt and what was surprising for me when I just got here in the beginning of September and how my feelings and attitude have changed for several months.


  7. I would like to analyze the movie “An American Rhapsody” (2001). The main aspects of my research would be the Hungarian immigrant experience in the 50s, and the journey of self-discovery through an actual journey. I would also like to focus on the visual elements of the movie, especially they ways how Los Angeles and Budapest are portrayed compared to one another.

    Plot from Wikipedia:
    In 1950, a Hungarian couple, Peter and Margit, are forced to flee from the oppressive Hungarian People’s Republic for the United States, taking along their eldest daughter Maria. Unfortunately, they are forced to leave behind their infant daughter, Suzanne, who is raised by a kind foster couple. Five years later, Peter and Margit arrange for the American Red Cross to bring Suzanne to their new home in Los Angeles. There, the perplexed young girl is forced to accept her sudden change in home and country, which leads to a troubled upbringing. At age 15, Suzanne, rebellious and unsure of herself, tries to come to terms with her roots and decides to travel back to Budapest, Hungary, to unravel her past and to find her true identity.


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